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Meditation Notes by: Nina Correa

Meditation is a practice that can be very confusing to most people. It brings to mind the image of a Yogi sitting in the Lotus position with a beatific expression on their face.

The main purpose of meditation is to still the mind, to allow the center of your energy to recycle itself, and to become more in touch with your heart which is the core of your essence as an individual. Through the regular practice of meditation, each person can develop a new exhuberance for life and for all the beautiful treasures that are within the easy grasp of your hand.

There are many methods of meditation, and there have been countless books written about it describing various forms of meditation throughout the centuries. Some forms suggest using Mantras (chanting), Mandalas (concentrating on a visual object), breathing techniques and countless other tools in order to enable the mind to release thoughts. As there are many different kinds of people in the world, so there are many different kinds of meditation, and it's beneficial to try each one until you find the one that works for you.

I've described below the method of meditation that works best for me, and I will be adding other methods as time goes on. Please feel free to email me with your own method and I'd be glad to include it here.

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My method for meditation by Nina
1- Turn off the telephone or unplug it. If you want to leave on the answering machine, turn the volume down. If you live with other people, ask them to not disturb you for whatever time youíve set aside for your meditation, and to please keep noise to a minimum.

2- Select a place for meditating that is quiet, where you will be warm and comfortable.

3- Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your head up. You should be relaxed, but not so relaxed that youíll fall asleep.

4- Close your eyes. If you find it too difficult to keep your eyes closed, look around the room for an object to stare at that makes you feel peaceful. I occasionally stare at the sunlight flitting through the bouganvilla outside my window.

5- Slowly take a deep breath. Feel the oxygen filling your lungs to their capacity, then allow the air to flow just as slowly back out of your lungs. Do this 3 times. Notice how your lungs know exactly when to inhale the air and when to release it. There is no need for control or force - it just happens naturally.

6- If thoughts start to enter your mind, allow them to swirl around just like the air that fills your lungs. They will eventually flow out of you just like the air when you exhale. If some of your thoughts become stubborn and insistent, donít try to force them away. One method I use for ridding my mind of thost persistent thoughts is to take each one as they come up and place them on the back of a little bird. I then watch the bird soar up into the clear blue sky until it becomes just a small dot and eventually disappears.

7- If your eyes are closed, look at the back of your eyelids. What do you see? Are there swirling patterns, or a pulsating glow? Watch the patterns and let your mind float away with them. Study the colors and the images. Forget about your body and your mind - the only thing that exists is the patterns on your eyelids. As your eyes become tired, you will soon forget about the patterns as well.

- If your eyes are open, keep concentrating on the object youíve chosen. Let your vision get blurred and out of focus, but donít try to force it. If you stare at any object long enough your eyes will eventually blur on their own. What do you see now? Donít try to re-focus your eyes, but let the object take on new forms and liquify. Forget about your body and your mind - the only thing that exists is the liduid shape. As your eyes become tired, you will soon forget about the shape as well.

(Note: You might start meditation with your eyes open, and then eventually close them. Or vice-versa. Thatís fine.)

8- You will end your meditation in the same way that your breath naturally goes out of your lungs. Your own body, mind and spirit will let you know when youíre done. You will seem to wake up, like from sleep, refreshed and filled with warmth.

9- Turn your telephone back on.

For more on Meditation see Laozi's Dao De Jing
Chapter 56.

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